Mana Spheres

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Please prefer downloading from storefronts. If you download directly from the website, kindly verify the hashes.

Do note that we make no warranties concerning uptime. We may break compatibility, delete all user accounts, or even shut down the services without prior warning.

This game is in Alpha stage. Nasty bugs may also show up. NO WARRANTIES.

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Do note that due to some Android quirks, the game may be unstable. It was only tested on Android 6 and Android 10, we do not warrant it'll work with other versions.


Mana Spheres has been extensively tested on Linux and should run on Ubuntu 18.04+ Do note that given Mana Spheres is a phone game, the desktop versions offer a poor user experience due the game being portrait-oriented.


Windows typically receives little to no testing; For this reason, it may present bugs which other versions does not have.

If you decide to play on Windows, it is strongly advised that you go to settings and Download All Assets before starting.


No one here uses Apple® products, reason why we are unable to test any version aimed at these plataforms. Ren'Py should be able to build versions but we will not supply them, as they may not work at all.

Older downloads:

NOTE: Older versions aren't compatible with newer servers!