Mana Spheres

TMW-2: Mana Spheres

Mana Spheres is a game constantly growing thanks to the contributors. This is an open source game, anyone can contribute to the game.

In Mana Spheres, you are a Mana Mage, a rare kind of magi which is capable of manipulating the Mana Spheres to direct the flow of combat in their favor. You'll need to recruit several heroes on your journey to meet your goals.

The game is meritocratic, meaning your stats in the game are a reflex of your own efforts on the game. Even if it have a gacha system, there are no in-app purchases, no purposely broken game design to lure players in spending real money, nor anything of the sorts. This game is free to play, free to win.

The game is in Alpha state, meaning its playability is not certain. This is also a side project, meaning Moubootaur Legends receives more attention from developers and as such, patches here may take longer. If you find something weird, want to give us feedback, or is just with a question that you didn't found an answer for on our wiki, just give a shout at our Discord Channel. We'll try to reply as soon as possible.

Do you have what it takes to control the Mana Spheres?


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You can download the game APK directly.

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Mana Spheres currently isn't available on any app store.